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Greenwood Festival Chorale – Current Board Members

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 49775, Greenwood, SC 29649 – Information Contact Person: Nickie Murphy, 205 317-5347

2019-Chorale Officers and Board

2018-Chorale Officers and Board

Left to Right:
Nickie Murphy, Vice President
Carole Austin, Assistant Treasurer
Jackie Davis – Secretary
Rodney Cleveland – At Large
Dave Clayton – At Large
Steve Skinner – Artistic Director and Conductor
Lorraine Edwards – Librarian
Candy White – At Large
Alicia Gibson – Assistant Librarian
Sharon Ivey-Swofford – Treasurer

2017-Chorale Officers and Board

Joel Peterson, President
Pat Hodge, President Elect
Jackie Davis, Secretary
Sharon Ivey-Swofford, Treasurer
Carole Austin, Assistant Treasurer
Sharon Smith, Immediate Past President
Lorraine Edwards, Gladys Turner, Librarians
Alicia Gibson, Asst. Librarian
Judy Davis, Asst. Librarian
Matt Killingsworth, Board Member, Class of 2018 & Coordinator of Corporate Giving
David Darnell, Board Member, Class of 2019
Bo Bowman, Board Member, Class of 2017
Matt Killingsworth, Board Member, Class of 2018
Sandra Cobb, Board Member, Class of 2017
Alicia Gibson, Board Member, Class of 2018
Candy White, Board Member, Class of 2018
Dan Koenig and Nickie Murphy, Advisors

Marion Smith/Steve Skinner, Artistic Director and Conductor (non-voting)

Dan Koenig and Shane Mcguire, Webmaster, 864 223-1004

GFC Board of Directors past years