GFC Artistic Director and Conductor Job description

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Position of Artistic Director and Conductor
Job Description


A. Establish musical and artistic goals for the Greenwood Festival Chorale (GFC).
In coordination with the board, and within the financial parameters of the GFC, establish the artistic direction and programming for the GFC to insure the presentation of a relevant and exciting program for each concert – both for GFC members and the audiences.

B. Select and secure music and musicians appropriate to the concert series and venue.
1. Peruse musical scores, attend choral concerts, listen to recordings, and network with colleagues to discern the very best choral literature.
2. Carefully select appropriate literature which will build a balanced program.
3. Prepare background material for program notes and appropriate concert comments concerning the composer, style of music, text, and special features of the music.
4. Coordinate with the GFC librarian(s) to purchase, rent, or otherwise secure all required music.

C. Nurture the members of the GFC in ways that not only produce the best choral singing possible but also create an enjoyable and challenging experience.
1. Prepare and direct all rehearsals and performances of the GFC (currently a weekly Tuesday-evening rehearsal from 7:00-9:00 PM) and concerts (currently a Christmas concert in December, a concert of sacred music in late February-early March, and a concert for the SC Festival of Flowers in June).
2. Help in recruiting singers who will enhance the quality of the group.
3. Make recommendations to the GFC singers concerning vocal development as well as provide musical tools, coaching, etc., to enhance their singing.
4. Share background/historical information on the music style, composer, etc., with GFC singers during rehearsals.

D. Collaborate with the GFC Board and officers to assure commonality of purpose and effective communication.
1. Serve as an advisory member of the Board and attend all board meetings.
2. Work closely with the Board on publicity (includes providing information for press releases and other media), fund raising, promotion, and public relations.
3. Serve as a key spokesperson for the GFC and participate in community activities that further its mission. This includes, but is not limited to attendance at meetings of events chairs of the SC Festival of Flowers and the Arts Council of Greenwood County.
4. Assist the Board in developing a yearly comprehensive plan which provides the basis for the annual budget, and collaborate in the preparation of grant applications – including concepts for programming more than a year in advance if required by a grant.

E. Maintain the highest level of musical and artistic performance.
1. Continue personal disciplines of score study and preparation and personal vocal development.
2. Constantly pursue creative and innovative ways to present the music in an acoustically and visually interesting manner.
3. Pursue guest artists whose work will enhance the performances of the GFC.


1. Bachelor of Music, or the equivalent in experience; Master or Doctorate of Music preferred.
2. Possess a clear, articulated vision of the purpose and goals of the GFC and possess the patience to bring out the best in volunteer singers.
3. Possess experience and skill in the direction of choruses and instrumentalists.
4. Possess experience in working with organizations having an active board of directors.
5. Be familiar with the broad choral repertoire and have the ability to achieve performance goals within the GFC budget.
6. Possess the ability to provide effective leadership within a volunteer organization.