Good Morning Singers!

We had a great first rehearsal last Tuesday! The Randall Thompson Testament of Freedom  and the Howard Hansen Song of Democracy are going to be special offerings for our audience on March 24 concert. If you didn’t make last week’s rehearsal, please come tonight at 7:00 – better yet, invite a friend!  So far, Rodney Cleveland gets the award for the most recruits! 

A couple of reminders:
1. If any of your contact information has changed (email, phone, address, etc.), please see Carole Austin to update your information.
2. Membership dues are due in January for “veteran singers” (I refuse to say “Old!”) and new singers.  Dues are $30 per person or $50 per couple for a year.  EXCEPTION:  Those singers who joined for the first time for the Christmas 2018 concert do not owe dues until January, 2020.
3. The March 24 concert is at 4:00 at First Presbyterian Church.  This is part of the church’s FESTIVA Arts Series, and we give this concert with no admission charge in appreciation for use of the church for rehearsal and music library space. 

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!