2017 GCT Festival of Flowers Concert “Classic Broadway” June 6, 2017 Recap

Festival of Flowers (50th anniversary concert), “Classic Broadway” a concert of beloved Broadway show tunes from Tin Pan Alley to The Lion King, Tuesday, June 6, Lander University Cultural Center Auditorium. Including 100 Years of Broadway, Arranged by Mac Huff, Dr. Marion Smith, Artistic Director and Conductor, Featuring Quarndra Battle-Ryan, Soprano.

Ensemble: Tobi Otekayi, Piano, Robert Glick, Keyboard, Reed Gallo & John Cooper, Trumpet, Donald Mack, Trombone, Blake Edens, Bass, Matthew Bratton, Drums

Narrators: Rick Morris and Nickie Murphy, Vocal Solos: Carole Austin, Bo Bowman, Jackie Counts, Judy Davis, Beth Hardage, Betsy Henry, David Holmes, Sharon Ivy-Swafford, Nickie Murphy, Mary Putnam, Steve Skinner, Sharon Smith, Earl Winfrey, Michael Winfrey.

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